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New products announced early February 2024

I am currently sold out. Please check back for the announcement date or place a custom order.


Hi! I'm Lena Wolek

I design my ceramics in the Siberian spirit. Growing up on the shores of Lake Baikal, I was fortunate to learn about a balance with nature through creativity and survival skills interwoven into daily life. With humor and joy, I draw folk art inspired caricatures of everyday life on my pottery. I want my handmade pieces to bring you smiles and to be used and loved every day.


I wish I had an entire 8-piece dining set made by Lena, and if that ever becomes available I will be the first in line for it! I’m so in love with Lena’s work. I bought my first mug because I thought the dog and cat looked like mine. Then Lena and I chatted and I DID buy mugs with images of my dog and cat on them.

I have given her work as gifts - always the best gift at the party, and always fun discussion pieces (a particular party favorite is the mittened Bernie mug she made after that photo came out). Lastly, I’ll say that ordering from Lena is like chatting with a friend. I’ve found myself wondering what I need next just to see what she comes up with. She has created very special gifts for me - particularly a beautiful urn with the most adorable images of my animals. All this started with her images on Instagram, and 9 or 10 years later I remain an obsessed fan ❤️"

          - Sarah Diminich, Charlotte, NC


"OMGosh! I LOVE them! They're the cutest!! Thank you so much for all you did to make them! I hid the one with the fish... I'm saving it for my sister...she's going to love it!" - Dana P.


“My cousin Laura and her husband got me one of your wonderful mugs! Now I am obsessed! Thank you so much."- Missy B.
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